Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nuestro primer blog post

I have a reason for speaking Spanish in my headline (& yes, I do admit, the translator was used).
A few weeks ago Jeff went on a little vacation/snake trip.  Destination: Baja.  That little lucky dog.  Since the day he’s been home, Spanish has been flowing from his lips non-stop.  It’s been never ending.  He swears he’s fluent (I say he has some work to do)… practice makes perfect, right?  Unfortunately, it’s been rubbing off on me.  Our poor little Jaelyn is going to know the most pathetic Spanish you’ve ever heard.  I guess the three of us will have to depend on Dora the Explorer in order to perfect our Spanish tongues.
Anyways, this is my first blogging experience.  It’s taken a lot for me to finally let loose and go for it- and to be honest with you, I feel lost when it comes to finding topics to rant and rave about.  I’ve decided to stick with postings of pictures of our little Jae-Bug so our family and friends can watch her grow and keep you updated on our daily, weekly, or even monthly family adventures.
If you haven't already noticed- my Facebook is a goner.  I pressed the deactivate button with hesitation, but it felt good.. & yes, it feels pretty weird to wake up and do my morning browsing while feeding my little Jae-Bug.  If you know of anyone who would like to stay in touch, please send me their e-mail addresses so I can keep them updated.
So brace yourself, here’s the blog of the “J” family- Jeff, Jen and our little bundle of joy… Jaelyn.
Jenny.Ann Photography. . . she's amazing.

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