Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 weeks of lovin'

I guess I'm going to combine a few posts into one.  It's time for an update, and I have a lot to share.

As of last Wednesday, our bug turned 10 weeks old.
(sorry for the late post, our little fam has been up-&-at-um..)

10 weeks
I have a confession to make... it's my first struggle as a Mom to accept the fact that she's growing up- and FAST! I know that she has tons more of this growing up to do, but I'm not ready to realize that.
Starting at 2 weeks old, I decided that I was going to take weekly pictures of the Bebe, & boy am I happy I made that decision.  It's so crazy to see the amount of growing that the little lovies do!

So here's to my big 10 week old that's learning more and more about life every day.  She's cooing, talking (AKA screaming), discovering that she has hands, realizing she can touch and explore.  She responds to our voices (which will never get old), plays with Ricky the Monkey, and she giggles at the "yum-yum" game.

She's our Jaelyn Ryleigh.

So now on to my next topic.

On Friday we decided to pack up & head to the river.  We wanted one more time to soak up some sun & dip our toes in the water before Fall made it's appearance.  

This trip was perfect, and obviously relaxing.  The weather was an amazing 91 degrees, the water was crisp, the company was great (my Mama tagged along!), and the munchkin was happy.
She really does love her Ricky.

Being 10 weeks old comes along with extreme cases of concentration.  I love it.

& that was our trip.

 Kidding.  I have many more photo's to share, but I forgot my camera (and felt naked all day without it), so I have to steal some pictures from Jeff's Mom.  Stay tuned.


  1. I love her face of concentration! What a fun trip! Is that where you've been this whole time?

  2. Yup- we ran away :)

    I posted the photo's from the shoot! I love them- thank you!