Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Big Eleven

...weeks that is.

Jae is 11 weeks old.  It's her weekly birthday.

The weeks fly by.  The concept of time is completely different than my pre-baby days.   My days would stream past me like nothing before she came along, but now it's different.  I feel like I blink & BAM! there goes another day.

  Of course I still have my good days & bad days, as does everyone else in this world... but now I feel I live better.  Happier.  Free.  

In love.

She's our Jae, our Stinker, our Baby-Bug
& to Jeff... she's his "lil' Nuzzler".

She's everything & more I ever imagined her to be.
She's 11 weeks old & it's perfect...
SHE'S perfect.  She's healthy.  She's our bundle of joy.

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  1. I love the last shot of her legs! So stinking cute!