Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Grandpa,

I'm putting day 3 off of The Truth Series in order to celebrate. I can say...
Happy Birthday to my Grandpa.

I mean it when I say... he's the best man I know.
I still look at him as if I am 4 years old... like he is my super hero.

Speaking of hero, my Grandfather is my definition of "hero"
Look the word Hero up in the dictionary of Jen, and you will see his face.
He means the world to me.

This here old man received a complete heart transplant 12 years ago.  The heart that continues to keep my Grandpa alive once belonged to a 24 year old African American male who lived in San Fransisco.  A horrible, awful tragedy of an accident to one family became a miracle to another.  Because of the kindness of this young mans heart, my Grandfather still lives to hold his first great grandchild (yes, the thought of it makes me cry).  I never know how I can thank this young man & his family.  I feel as if I owe them the world.

Are you a donor?

Happy Birthday, Grandpa.
I love you.



  1. Um... TEARFUL and BEAUTIFUL! What a beautiful post Jen!!! And Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!