Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here comes the Bride. . .

& the Bride happens to belong to my Brother.
The concept is so strange to me.  My one & only sibling, my BROTHER is getting married.  I wish I were a sponge so the thought of my Brother getting married could be absorbed into my brain in an instant, but that's not the case.  It's taking some time for all of it to soak in.  My Big Brother is growing up... holy cow! In a way I feel selfish- he was all I had growing up.  We had each other... through the thick and the thin.  I don't want to share him with anyone else.  But then I see Brea... his Bride.  I see the happiness and joy that she brings him.  I see the love in Kyle's eyes when he looks at her.  What they have is pure- it really is true love. She's Mrs. Right for my big-little Bro.   I couldn't be happier to "share" my Brother with such an amazing girl & I couldn't be happier than to invite her (& her family) to be "one of us".

It's so crazy to know that the love the two bring each other is going to make my Mom a Mother-In-Law, my Pops a Father-In-Law & I am going to have the title Sister-In-Law.
All of this wedding talk was inspired by Brea's Bridal Shower.  My Mom & I attended it yesterday.  The decorations were beautiful, the food was great, and the company was amazing- it was a good opportunity for me to pull out my camera... here's a couple lil' shots:

& it's true... they're both pretty stinkin' cute!



Beautiful Sisters

The Wedding Party

I LOVE this!

Brea- thank you so much for being who you are and for loving my Brother with all you have.
The magic day is October 23, 2010 in Temecula, CA.  Keep your eyes open- I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures of the big day.
Congrats, Brother & Brea.  I love you two!


  1. She is indeed BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the pictures Jen!!! And the blog is looking good!

  2. P.S. Just saw you added the Followers Feature!!! YAY! And play date! YES YES YES!! PLEASE!