Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet the beautiful Hailey

I got to do a photo shoot with my best friend's daughter, and let me tell you- I loved every second of it.

The word beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this little girl.
She is stunning from the inside and out.  Her features blow me away, and her heart is made of gold.
She was so comfortable in front of the camera.. I absolutely LOVED this shoot.

Your Auntie loves you, little Hailey girl!

Here's a few of the goodies:



  1. She is pretty and so is that location!

    Jen, you did good! My favorite is the black and white with the doggie! She is stunning!

  2. She is cute! And I agree with Jhen, great location!! Nice job lady!

  3. The photos of Hailey are stunning. I am in awe of your artistic ability. Wonderful work and a beautiful subject.

  4. oh my heck!!!! such stunning pictures!!!!!! Just're pretty darn awesome :]