Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My non-sleeping beauty

Let's talk about nap time.

& how rare it is to see this sight during the hours of 8am-10pm at the house of the Teel's.  It truly is difficult to get my bug to go into a deep slumber during the day. 

Her lips can't get any more perfect- and her fingers can't get any chunkier.

The picture says it right- she's 10 weeks old.  Usually bebe's nap, right? Welp, not my Monster... she has better things to do than catch some zzz's.  If I'm lucky, she'll catch a few 20-30 naps, but like I said, that's luck.  I've tried it all- except Whiskey in her bottle, but I'm tempted (kidding!)...

I love her little feetsies & her little bum.
Today was a different story.  She decided to kick that little sleep monster out of her and go down for an HOUR! What an accomplishment.  In a way, I feel blessed- she has a pretty amazing sleep schedule at night.. but jeez, I need my time during the day.  My house really needs my attention.

If any of you amazing Mama's have any nap-time suggestions, please send them my way.  I could really use them for my sanity!

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