Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lovely Wednesday

My dear friend over at From Here to Eternity did a posting on love today.  I must admit, she inspired me.
Who needs love? We all do! Here's my reasons to love my Wednesday:

I LOVE that I made homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I mixed the ingredients while Jae sat in her bouncer and cheered me on.

I LOVE that 4 months ago today, I gave birth to this amazing, beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl.

I LOVE that the sun is shining.  I'm a sunshine kind of girl... those rays make me happy.

I'm loving my evening walks with my Jae.  The Fall sunsets are perfect.

I LOVE that I have such an amazing family to fall back on when I am in need.

I LOVE Mae.  I love Mae live.  I love Mae's lyrics.  I love that Mae can make a good day better.  I love that I can relate to most of Mae's songs.  Don't know Mae? Check them out.  Mae is love.
Photo credit: Kristin.

I'm loving all of the photo inquiries I'm receiving.  Your amazing comments are so encouraging.  Thank you!

I'm going to link up to This Kind of Love... so I can share my love.  Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for playing along!

    Your daughter is adorable :)

    We're a J family too...our monogram is jJj so we should probably name our future kiddos with a J too, huh?!