Friday, November 26, 2010

...& then, she snapped

Hello Friday!

I have a living room full of family that I should be entertaining, but I managed to escape with my Bebe for feeding time & a quick blog post.
& then, she snapped has a fun photo challenge called Show {Off} Your Shot.

Here's my shot that I'd like to show the world:
Even though I didn't snap it, I'm showing it... because I love it.
& I feel it's necessary to show it off.

My camera was on manual & my Mama doesn't have a clue about M setting... so I did my best to edit.  It's a tad noisy, but this is me not caring :) it's a moment that was captured to be shared for life.
Plus, she's wearing MY sweater from when I was a babe.  

Smile, friends! 
and then, she {snapped}



  1. that's great...sometimes it is good to remember the moment and not the "perfect shot", although this one isn't bad by any means! thanks for ignoring your guests long enough to link up! ; )