Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day in photos

Our Christmas was beautiful.
I had my camera by my side, but only managed to pull it out while at Jeff's parents house.  That's not really like me.  Oh well, I captured some good shots... and a few that I will cherish forever.

I'm going to post photos.  Not much explanation.  I'm exhausted.  Jae is sick with her first head cold... which equals to ZERO sleep.  I'm sure if I tried to make some sort of sense right now, it would form into gibberish and look like I just drank 5 beers.  Who wants to come take over for a few hours so I can get in a much needed nap?

My coffee pot is gurgling (along with Jae's chest).  I can't wait to sip on some of that brew!
As that bad boy creates some magic in a cup for me... I'll post some photos.

"Seriously, Santa...no toy? Really??" Hehe... Santa got her an ADORABLE bikini.  We have to prepare her for our Summertime!

On our way up to Jeff's parents house.  The view always amazes me.. and it just happened to be a clear, beautiful day.
Notice something here? It's what I like to call love.  When it's right, it's right.  I couldn't be away from him.  I missed him.

 Okay... so seriously, how picturesque is this house? It's perfect.

Here's my Holiday Magic entry...
Jae's stocking.  Her nickname while she was in my belly was "Bean".

Cousin Rivalry... already.
Perspective entry




  1. Your Christmas looks so beautiful!

  2. You're right. That house IS perfect!


    PS. And your family's lookin' pretty good, too...

  3. These are all just wonderful shots!

  4. Can't believe how stunning these are! Makes me want to come on over & cozy up. Beautiful job!

  5. What a picture perfect Christmas!


  6. Wow! Beautiful photos! I also love how you are the "J" family! We are too, well except for my husband Kevin! lol. Just to share: my married last name is Jensen, my name is Jessica, there are 8 kids in my family and we all start with "J", then two of my sisters married a "J" and my sister has 2 kids with "J". Yeah, it's an awesome thing!!! :) Okay, enough about me. I love your blog!