Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's a post for Mandy...

& her FANTASTIC new actions.

Mandy @ A Sorta Fairytale made some oh-so-lovely actions that I adore.. and I felt the need to share.
Your hard work makes my editing days easier (& MUCH more enjoyable!) I love your music inspired actions. Thank you!

This is also my Show & Tell entry
Show: Say Hi to Brayden:

& also say HI to Mandy's Music Inspired action "Pop Rock".  Isn't he handsome? & how about that action? Love it?

Photography love...

Tell: I did a shoot with this little man & his beautiful Mama today.  Let me tell you... he was a HANDFUL of a 3 year old, but I loved every second of chasing the little booger around and snapping photos of him.  This was my first official beach shoot... I may be addicted!

Here's one more sneak peek

I'm pooped.  I have a sick baby.  I've been slammed with shoots.  This Mama needs a break.  
Night, friends!



  1. These are great shots -I can't wait to see more.

  2. Oooh those photos are awesome!!! So glad you're using my actions! I always wonder what they look like on other people's photos! How cool!