Monday, January 3, 2011

2011= love.

I'm a fan of The Maternal Lens.  It's a group of photographer women who came together for friendship, motherhood, and photography.  The women are amazing, along with their photo talent.
This morning, on their Facebook fan page, they asked "what one word would you use to describe 2010 and what one word will you focus on and hope describes you in 2011?"

I decided to conquer.
As some of you know, 2010 was a really tough year for me.  It was bitter sweet.  A majority of the time, it was bitter, and then I was introduced to the sweet... and boy did the sweet taste good. 
The sweet was Jaelyn.  My little bundle of joy who was born July 28, 2010.  She was the sweetest sweet I have ever tasted.  She was able to cover every ounce of hate (yup, I said it... it was that nasty) that I had buried in my heart. 
I deem 2010 as bitter.  It was hate.  It was pain.  It was confusion.  But it was... sweet all wrapped into one.  I was one confused woman.
I demand for change.  
That is why I wish for 2011 to be...  

All about love.  I have forgiven, I have grown, I have taken the steps needed in order to find myself.  I am learning to love again.
I have my man by my side.  I have my little Bug in my arms.  I am ready to conquer a new chapter of life... the chapter that has LOVE written all over it.
So with confidence in my voice, and pouring out my fingers...
BRING IT ON, 2011!

I wish for LOVE and happiness in all of your lives.  I wish you can scream "BRING IT!" to 2011 with me and never look back on the negative of 2010.  Let's grow together with shields in our hands, happiness on our hearts, love on our minds, and prayers in our souls.  
I look forward to growing with all of you "blogging buddies"!  Thank you for accepting my into your world with open arms, commenting so nicely, and loving so much.

Happy 2011, friends!


  1. Goodbye 2010 and BRING IT 2011! There, I screamed with you!

    It was quite a ride you were on this past year, but so excited to see your new adventure this year!

  2. Amen! I'm right there with you!!!! I love this post (and if you don't mind)...I might post about the one-word description. XOXO