Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because I need a laugh.

& I'm sure you could use one too..

My baby girl sure does know how to brighten my day.  Jeff is pretty darn good at it too.  

Jeff took the day off of work today to spend some time with me.  He was seeing the extreme pain that I was holding in my heart and he couldn't bare it.  We lounged.  We cleaned.  We didn't shower (totally gross).  We vegged.  Oh, and I cooked some bomb dinner.
Jaelyn must have known that her Mommy had a frown that was in need of turning upside down.  So, she preformed the best darn window lick known to man.  Not once, not twice... but three times.  And to better it, she giggled in between each and every window wash.

Don't worry, the dirt is on the outside of the window.. and it looks as if I need to do some serious washing to those bad boys.
Pretty funny, right?

Here's a few more from the archives... just for giggles.

Out of focus.  Badly.  Do I care? No.  I laugh.

Man, I love her.  I have a few funny's of Jeff, but he would kill me if he found out I posted them.  Maybe I'll sneak them in later ;)

I really appreciate your words of encouragement from my last post.  I love my readers... you guys put some spunk in my step and reassured me that all is going to be okay.
I was asked to create a slideshow for Buddy's services.  That means photos and songs.  Which leads to tears , tissues, some laughter, and the important part... memories.  
I could use some suggestions for the slide show.  Does anyone know of any creative ways to put it together? Special programs? Any way of finding free songs? I feel my creative knack has flown out the window and I was wondering if I could borrow yours.
Wish me luck.  I need some strength. 



  1. Ahhhh these photos are so adorable & make me so happy! Precious captures. As for slideshows, I've done quite a few in powerpoint. It's super easy! I'm sure it will be hard for you but I am praying & thinking of you & your family like I said yesterday. Hope you try to have a good weekend xx

  2. Oh Jenn...I've been gone all day (i was in the middle of the woodland hills cop shooting fiasco) and just saw your post below. I wish I could give you a big hug. This happened to me too recently. A friend who left too early - makes no sense, and might make you mad, and you'll probably never know why, but one day it won't hurt as much. Just hold your baby close and give your husband a kiss. XOXO

  3. These are definitely giggle-inducing! Isn't is amazing to have a sweet little one to make you smile through the tears? And I love that your hubby took good care of you!

    I always just use mindows movie maker for slideshows... It is easy to use and was already on the computer ;) if you need to burn it to a dvd for use in a dvd player I can suggest a wonderful program, but I will have to find the name so just let me know.

  4. Good luck, lady- you will do great, I know it! Your baby is so precious. How special that you have such a great little family to build you up when you neeed it!

  5. What a wonderful way to start my day! XO!