Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boudoir (Rated PG-13..)

I'm not going to lie... I'm a little nervous posting this for all of you Mommies to see.  I'm a bit afraid of the feedback, since my Blog (and photography business) is VERY Family based.  But it's currently a part of me and what I am doing, so I decided to share.  I hope you enjoy!

Last month I came across some Boudoir Photography, and I must admit, I had NO clue what Boudoir meant.  I researched.  I fell in love.  I really feel Boudoir can go to one extreme or the other.. I'm aiming for the other.  The intimate, yet sexy, PG-13 sort of Boudoir.  I'm doing the best I can to avoid "trashy" (that word is AWFUL!).

I was so intrigued by this type of photography that I took a stab at it.  I created a limited edition Photography Special, paired up with a make up artist and said "bring it!".
Here's my website (it was just re-vamped):
Jen Parton Photography

Here's a few shares for you:

My clients have been loving it! I never thought I would give this "sort" of photography a try, but it's really rewarding.  I feel it makes a woman feel beautiful, give her that much needed confidence boost, and I love being the one who captures her beauty.  I think I'm going to make this a yearly tradition for my business.  Not only do my clients love it, but I'm getting some really positive feedback from it.

It's nice to get a taste of something new.  It gave me a breath of fresh air... which was very needed.

Step out of your "comfort zone" and see what you find.  You may shock yourself (I sure did!)



  1. You do incredible work. I had a session done right after my wedding because I felt like I was in great shape and wanted to document it for my husband. If I ever gain weight, I'll have evidence that I was once hot! Don't be embarrassed or concerned about posting it - these are in great taste and you've doing a wonderful job! I think all women should do it!

  2. I have a bunch of friends who do or have done this...I would consider it if I was in better shape.

  3. i think it's great! If I ever get back down to my goal weight then I would really consider doing this for my hubby. Although, IM sure i would feel insecure. Who am i kidding.. ill never do that! haha

    your pictures are gorgeous!