Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear white cap,

Dear White Cap that resides in my Babes little gums,
I hate you.  No, wait... I love you.  But really.. I don't really like you very much.  All at the same time of hating and not liking you very much.... I love you.
You're making the house of the Teel's miserable.  You cause a lack of sleep, a fussy baby, a runny nose, and a chewing monster!  You cause Mommy to have a dead arm due to the constant carrying of your suspect, and a grumpy Daddy due to Mommy's lack of patience.
You cause our water bill to increase due to constant running of the washer.  Bibs are being used like you've never seen before from the mess of teething nets, biscuits, and drool.  AKA... you're making our life messy also.
Can you please do us a "clean one" and pop out already (among all 19 of you that have yet to make your appearance)?  
How about this?  We'll trade-off.  You pop out in a more comforting, quick manner, and I'll feed you some yummy food so you can do your job and chomp happily?  Do we gotta deal?

The tired, anxious, fed-up... Mom.
(and the in pain, fussy Jaelyn too)

WARNING: Image belong contains a freshly awoken, tired Mother.  "WHOA, she looks like crud" may occur.

Photo by:  Daddy.



  1. This is such a cute photo! You look so adorable!

  2. ps. I hope things get better for babykins & you both get the well rested sleep you need! xx

  3. I love this picture! It is so stinking adorable, Jen!

  4. Aw... poor baby... and mommy. My little one is just starting the teething phase so I feel your pain :(

  5. Yeah, right there with you! It gets better...soon...maybe... XOXO.

  6. BTW, do you have a blog button?

  7. So sorry, girl...On the bright side- you are GORGEOUS and your eyes are absolutely stunning!

  8. This post was one of my favorites for the week, and is highlighted for my readers on Fab Friends Friday =)

  9. hahah! Love the face Jen! LOVE IT!

    Boo to teething! BOO!!!!!