Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey Mom's... I need you!

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to my first 3 to comment on my "pay it forward" post..
Shout out's go to: 
Mandy @ A Sorta Fairytale
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I'm SUPER excited to send you guys my creation.  Keep your eyes out for a handy dandy... camera strap! (Do I watch too much Blue's Clue's? I think yes.)  E-mail me your address' and favorite color/patterns, and I'll get to sewing.

This is my need:
Quick question to you experienced Mom's.  Jaelyn has been acting funny lately.  This past few days she has been crying on her bottle.. and when I say crying, I mean SCREAMING.  Back arch and all.  I'm assuming she's in pain? She just got over her first cold, and has been showing signs of teething (drooling, chewing, cranky).  What do you guys think? Ear infection, possibly? 
Since I've had such a hard time feeding her, I've resulted in cereal and bananas this past few days.  I also went to the store today and grabbed some avocados, squash, pears, and peaches.  My little one need nutrients! I am planning on calling the Doctor on Monday, but I would love some feedback! Please & thank you!!

It's getting late and I need to get to sleep.  I feel a cold on it's way, & I need to show it who's boss.  But before I go, here's some Jaelyn love :)
I felt the need to share the sleeping photo since it's a BEAR to get this one to close her eyes.  



  1. It could be refulx?? Or a sore throat? Although if she's not crying when she has banana/cereal/etc then it's probably not a sore throat. I'd all your pedi's office and see if you can talk to a nurse. Maybe get some advice over the phone! Better yet, take her in when you can this week! :) Poor little bubba...

  2. hmmm... arched back on the bottle?!?!?! Although that could mean so many "not to worry too much" things, Adriel is right, you can call your doctor's nurse line, and even if you aren't a patient, you can often times call 24hr nurse hotlines at hospitals too. And they will gladly give you advice to hold you over until you can see a Dr. :) I hope that puts some peace in your heart!!! Poor Baby Jae!!!!!

  3. So super excited to be getting something handmade from you! :)
    But on to Jaelyn, I'm so sorry! Bennett went through a phase like this with the bottle (but I was also nursing at the time). I never figured out what the deal was. But, it was just a phase. My guess is that she's teething? It could be an ear infection, but usually a fever accompanies those. Does she feel warm? Have you taken her temp?
    I agree with Jhen and Adriel-- call your attending nurse and see what she has to say. It will never hurt!

  4. My son did the same thing with the bottle too and just like mandy he was also nursing. he flat out refused, arched back and all around 10 or 12 weeks old. SCREAMING.

    But, it could be ears. Often kids refuse to eat when their ears hurt. Call the nurse advice line. :) Good luck!

  5. Sorry Jen, I just saw this...mine just had bronchitis and ear infections w/out a fever, but had runny noses and wouldn't eat/drink...or would do the screming thing when I tried. Just to be safe, take her in and see what the doc says. They can also look at her gums and tell you if she's teething. Better safe than sorry. XOXO

  6. Im not a mommy:-( boo, so I have no experience but just wanted to say those pictures are darling! I really hope the trip to the doctor goes well!