Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Operation: Homemade baby food.

Jaelyn is just about 6 months old.  You know what that means, right? BABY FOOD!  How fun! I've started her on minimal, starter foods already.. like whole grain cereal, avocados, and bananas and she LOVES it.
I feel she's hungry.  More than usual.  Mommy instinct says growth spurt.  So I'm starting a few weeks early and I'm really excited to go in full force.

Jeff and I have made the choice to make her food.  All of it.  From scratch.  Organic.
Am I nuts? YES.  But I am a stay at home Mom.  There should be no reason why I shouldn't make her food.  Jeff, Jae, and I live in a small condo, and one car.  As much as I would like to think I don't have time for it... I do.

So yesterday morning I put Jae down for her nap, threw on my apron (AKA, didn't change out of my PJ's), and put my cooking thinking cap on.
This is what I came up with:
Pureed carrots, apples, acorn squash, green beans, sweet potato's with bananas,  peaches, pears... starter (level 1) fruits and veggies.

and the good news.. you can freeze it!  Maximum time is three months, but shoot! Saves money, better for my tyke, and probably much tastier than jarred food.
The sites I read up on recommended you freeze the food in ice cube trays.  Jeff and I don't have those.  We've got the auto maker.  So that would mean we have to buy the trays, right? Nope.  Why? Because I'm a genius.  I have a ton of breast milk storage bags left over & they work perfectly.  So I'm excited to say that Jae should be set for a few months.

I found this fantastic site that has recipes, nutritional facts, age limits, and suggestions:
Wholesome Babyfood

So after 4 hours of steaming, baking, pureeing, storing, and freezing my kitchen was a disaster.  But it's totally worth it.  I just hope I don't get tired of the disastrous mess and continue doing what is ultimately best for Jaelyn.

I asked Jeff for one of these bad boys to make my job a bit easier.  He calls it a "luxury".  Pffttt... ya.  Ask me and it's a necessity.  Let's keep out fingers crossed.  Craigslist, maybe? Or possibly ebay? I'll have to look.  Unless one of you have one stashed away... I would LOVE to take it off your hands ;)

I have a feeling this masterpiece would make my life much easier.

I decided to put my hard work to the test and feed the little Bug  Sweet Potato's with Bananas mixed with a little whole grain cereal... here's her reaction:

I was busting up with laughter the whole time.  HIL-AR-IOUS! Her facial expressions were amazing.  Am I really THAT bad of a cook?
Oh well... she'll learn to love it.  She doesn't have a choice.

Keep up the hip-hip-HORRAY's for Jen.  I hope I stick with it.


  1. We are making all of our own baby food too!! Baked apples with a teensy bit of cinnamon have been our biggest hit so far! Keep up the good work girl!

  2. NICE! Good job there mama!

    And I love the pictures of her eating it... CLASSIC!

  3. Oh Jen. Good for you! Youre gonna save so much money. Also, I heard the magic bullet works just as good and is a lot less expensive (unless of course someone gives you theirs.)

  4. awesome! looking back i wish i would have made my own baby food. it honestly didnt' even cross my mind at that point... Thanks for sharing that site. loved the pictures too! hehe

  5. I use that same website! It took me about 3 days of constant mess, but I made 3 months of food all at once, and havent had to think about shopping or cooking (other than thawing) since. It is awesome! And my lil man gets a much better variety than his cousins! They dont get to eat blueberries, or persimmons, or eggplant, etc. He loves it! Zucchini is his favorite. :)