Saturday, January 29, 2011

photos & a BUTTON!

Important stuff first...
Some good, and high demanded news!

I FINALLY got around to a button! Grab it.  Love it.  Share it.  It's on my right sidebar!

Last night I Blogged about hiking, snakes, and my crazy Herpatology Baby-Daddy.  I promised more photos, so here they are:

I took a shot at something different.  It's "eh".  Kinda cool?

This Devil of a cold came back again full force, so I'm not really in the typing mood.  I'd rather be sleeping.  But I don't break promises! Hope you enjoyed.
Good night, friends.  I shall go create my shower into the "gorilla mist room" and attempt to remove this Monster of a Man off of my chest.



  1. Lovely photos! And I'm sorry you're sick :( Such a bummer, hope you get better soon!!

  2. That bridge photo is really cool. I know how hard it is to try to expand your usual shots. My photo 101teacher keeps trying to get me to shoot something other than my kids. I'm having a really hard time shooting stills!

  3. I LOVE that kissy shot. LOVE it. and can I just say I LOVE it? : )