Friday, January 14, 2011

She sparkles...

My Photography blog, that is.  She's beautiful.
After many days of changing, perfecting, and tweaking.. I've come up with this bad boy:

{click on the photo}

I'm not about to say I'm finished... because I doubt I am.  I'm a creature of change.  I rearrange my house and bedroom quite often, and I've seen that behavior with my blogs also.  Plus, I have so much to learn about HTML and design.. and as I learn, I may change.
Take your coat off and stay a while.  Click around.  Read up.  ENJOY! (and notice my new Labor and Delivery tab!)

So here's the Hip-Hip-Hooray for me! And my business.  I hope it sprouts into a big, beautiful Sunflower and shines on me.  I have a good feeling about it.



  1. looks great! I love all the pictures. And the header is very stylish. Good job (and good prices by the way).

  2. no, email me, you do not want to trade with me! Enjoy your young-ness with only one baby!!!!!!!!

  3. looks great Jen!! im impressed! and don't feel bad.. i'm a creature of change too :)