Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I need your eyes!

So apparently this photo of Jae (or one similar to it) was stolen and is being used on an ad hosted by Facebook.
It was spotted by my Mom, who clicked away from the ad right when she realized it was a photo of her granddaughter, and when she navigated back, the ad changed.

  Can you guys please keep your eyes out for it on Facebook? If you see it, click on the link and message or e-mail ( it to me.  THANK YOU!  I'm not all about my daughters super cute face being stolen and posted for the world to see (only I'm allowed to do that.. well, you are to if you ask nicely :)..).  I really appreciate it.

Please take the necessary steps in order to protect your babe's faces.  This content stealing saga is becoming too popular.  It's really too bad- if it happens again (it's already happened once to me), the my Blog is going bye-bye.  That would be a really sad day.

Jhen just posted about this topic.  Click here to read- she has some great links to share.

And again, please don't take my photos without asking.  I promise I'll say yes if you give me my well deserved photo credit.
xoxo- Jae & Jen


  1. uhhh people are soo retarded aren't they? Awhile ago this girl added me as a friend then all a sudden stole all of Kingston's pictures and would say this is my son Kingston. It was soo freaky. I threatened her with her life and finally it stopped but it's still nutty when it happens.

    She is sooo dang cute! I love that picture.

  2. Oooh boo!! I may have some positive things to say, though. The photo may not have actually been used for an ad. I think there is a place in your privacy settings or something like that, where you can change it so that FB can't use your photos. Maybe check it out and see?
    Also, that happened to me once, where I thought I saw a picture of Bennett as an ad. But all it was, was FB being like "you can make an ad for your page"... and it just pulled one of my photos from my album to show me what my ad could look like. I dunno, maybe it wasn't anything bad??
    (can you see i'm trying to make you feel better? is it working at all??)

  3. Awww, I'm so sorry that happened. I will keepy my eyes out for you! Definitely a beautiful photo though! xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh, seriously NOT COOL! It's really scary what people do with the information they get off the internet! I will definitely keep my eye out!

  5. that is just crazy! what the heck. makes me wonder if any of noah's pictures are floating around on the web. so sad people have to do that. ugh