Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My Blogging lately gets a big fat... "D"! I have been in slump mood lately.  My brain hasn't been in the photo mood (crazy, right?), and my fingers haven't felt up to typing.  More explanation to continue...

First thing first:
Jae is a BIG girl now! She's a master sippycup holder, and boy does she LOVE showing it off.  It's so funny to watch her experiment with holding it.  I swear she feels like she's 10 years old when she gets that bad boy in her little hands.

Now on to the Love story:
My day of love was a roller coaster.
For those of you who have read Love and Respect, Jeff and I have been stuck in the CRAZY cycle, and we've been having a tough time staying afloat.
The morning started rocky, and nasty with tears involved.  I decided to pull it together and dig to the bottom of the issues.  According to Jeff, I'm mean (disrespectful), and according to me, Jeff is unloving with mixed priorities.
We decided to dig.  We were desperate to find the answer.  We were tired of putting our energy into showing anger and nit picking.  It was EXHAUSTING.
So Jeff did what was right, told me to get ready, arranged a sitter for Jae, loaded me up in the car, and brought me to my happy place.

We discussed some really important things.. and surprisingly- we learned some pretty cool stuff about one another.  Jeff needs more emotional support, and I need to be loved in a way that he never understood.  I have a good feeling about this.  I'm thinking we FINALLY get it.

We went to dinner at the Crab Cooker.  Have you ever been there? It's a super yummy Fish Market.  You eat off of paper plates, your wine is served in a throw away glass, and you eat with plastic cutlery.  Yes, it makes me happy.

We discovered a super cute little bistro during our walk.  They had super cute chocolate covered strawberries and DELICIOUS coffee to pair.  Ohhhh my heart was melting.  So good.

We held hands, we kissed.  We felt refreshed.  It was needed- desperately.

The Trendy Treehouse

Relationships have their ups and downs.  It takes a lot to learn the necessary facts about one another in order to make you "tick".  Jeff and I have A LOT of learning to do, but it feels good to take another positive step with him.

And to be honest with you- I can't wait till he asks me to be his.  I can't wait to learn more.  And most importantly... I couldn't be more lucky.  He's an amazing Father to the Bug.

Now a little fact about me: I once lived here.  Newport Beach, CA.  My address was 6 HOUSES from the sand.  Glorious.  Amazing.  Perfection.  I miss you, Newport Beach.  You will always be a love of mine.
I hope you had a wonderful, refreshing Valentine's Day with your loved one.

P.S.: I'm on the Spotlight! Sonya from {Shutter} Mama has dedicated the Spotlight Blogger section to ME! Ohhhh I couldn't be more honored.  Have you checked out her Blog? You probably should- she's bomb.com.



  1. First of all, I love the way you play with light! second...you are an amazing mother and I commend you for working through this....third, you're just f'n amazing :)

  2. Jen, I couldn't be more excited for you in the next step you and Jeff are choosing to take! I'm proud of you for choosing to work it out and get to know each other more and each other's needs! That's HUGE in making any relationship work

    And girl, aren't you glad you took the surprise! LOVELY! Purely LOVELY and wonderful! I so wish I had a valentine's like that!

  3. Wow, what a meaningful Valentines Day. Some advice from a veteran: Just take it easy on each other and love who he is (not who you want him to be). I didn't have a big fancy Valentines...after years of knowing that Mark would be working late and likely forget flowers and fancy cards, I made my own Valentines Day with the babes and just invited him to the party when he came home. No pressure, just a good time! XOXO

    PS your photos are awesome!

  4. How sweet. I love that you are willing to work on it, it is sooo worth it!

  5. Good for you guys!!! Sometimes, all it takes is a serious heart-to-heart and things turn around! We're all here to listen! Keep us updated!

  6. Love the photos. We read love and respect. Its so hard to be the bigger person, but someone has to break the crazy cycle. I try so hard to be the bigger person but it definitely pays off to.