Monday, February 28, 2011


Boy is Jae going through some milestones.  Jeff and I blink and BAM! there she goes again, blowing us away.  I always hear people telling us is goes by so fast and they grow up quicker than a weed... I never wanted to listen.  I now agree.  Let's slam on the brakes... we're going too fast.

Jae has decided that she will feed herself her Baba while sitting in her highchair.  She's been pretty good about holding her own Baba since she was about 5 months old, but she took a step up in the Baba holding life.

and take notice to that left hand fist hold.  Yep- that's how she rocks it.  I think it's funny.

Now here's the milestone that blows my mind... she's pulling herself on on things- to a FULL stand.
REALLY, Baby Girl... you just started crawling a month ago (and you're only 7 months old!).

It's looking as if I should just hold on tight and enjoy the ride.  I must say- this is my favorite age by far.  Naps are improving, she's beginning to sleep through the night, and her interaction level is amazing.
Dear seven months, I love you.

Question for ya'll:
Jae has started this weird face rub.  I feel as if it's allergies? She started it a few weeks ago, and I thought it was her sign that she was tired, but now it's coming on MUCH more frequently.  She has a mild runny nose, and little sneezing, but nothing else.  Should I contact the Doctor? Have you seen this behavior in your little ones? Like I said, it was nothing big before, but she rubs her face A LOT now... and it's making me wonder.

You see? That there knuckle rub is becoming an hourly thing.  Tired? Or allergies?

Being a Mommy is so rewarding.  I love every second of Jae's milestones.  And while I say it's too much... I mean it in a way, but it's sure sign that my Baby is happy and healthy.  What can be any better than that? If Baby is happy, Mama's happy.
Oh- and one more piece of news:
Last week was a good week for photography. I won two awards. Woop-woop.

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Over & out, friends. This Mama has got a messy house and some eatin' to do.


  1. So adorable. Yes it goes by fast. I spent all my time with my first saying "I can't wait until he can do ___" I think I may have done it with my second too. Once I got to my 3rd- all I wanted to do was live in the moment & take it all in for as long as I could. Now she's 7- the time has flown by. I can't get those moments back- they are but a memory.

    I love that last shot you posted. I love it when they are so tired & rubbing their face. So sweet.

  2. Oh she is so cute! And she is growing! Jen! Your baby is transforming into a BIG GIRL!

  3. Aww, this makes me want to be a mom so badly:-) Your right, though...they truly do grow up too fast!

  4. Aww she is adorable!! I cant believe how of a quick learner she is, she will be walking in no time :)