Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shall I ask for a dance?

How about this? Jae and I will get down and boogie with you, if you promise us a vote?
We like that deal... do you? Jae is a pretty darn good dancer.

And guess what??? You can vote ONCE a day.  WOOOO-HO!
Click HERE, scroll down juuussstttt a bit, and click on the little vote sign below photo #448
Wanna know how much we appreciate it?
TTHHIIIIIISSSSSSSS much! (& that's a lot!)

& Jae is right.  I'm guilty.  I made her do it (do you love that eye roll?)



  1. Ya know, tripp's got a rad boogie! (and im not talking about the kind that runs out his nose)

  2. Beautiful blog layout! Love the colors and fonts, and SUCH A CUTE BABY! :-) Love your images!