Monday, February 7, 2011

wardrobe malfunction

So here I go.  It's vent time.
I've been feeling extremely frustrated with my wardrobe lately.

Before I got pregnant with Jaelyn, I was 145lbs (I'm 5'9), size 7-9 pants, size M-L shirt (due to my huge assets), and 34D bra.
During Pregnancy, I gained 21 lbs, size 30 pants, XL shirts, and size 34 DD Bra (yes, I could float).

5 weeks postpartum, I came down with a NASTY case of pancreatitis.  I was hospitalized for 4 days, with a strict diet of NO solids for 2 weeks.  This lead to a huge weight loss.  I'm currently 137-139, size 4 pants, S-M shirts, and size 32-34 C bra.

NOTHING fits.  I feel like I look like a bag lady in all of my clothes.  My shirts look as if I'm wearing a bell, my pants make my booty look like a long butt, my boobs fall OUT of my bra, and my heels flop around in my shoes. Do I have to mention the fit of my underwear?
Frustrated? Yes.
Jeff and I have been having a hard time staying afloat now that I am a stay at home Mom.  Living off of strictly his income is tight- and when we have some extra cash, we buy clothes for Jaelyn (since she grows like a weed).

If you ask me, it's time I win a shopping spree.  Or maybe some hand-me-downs? If you feel the need to clean your closet, I'd love some decent fitting clothes.  Or if you're feeling spunky.. maybe purchase a gift card to treat myself with? (kidding... kind of)

I felt the need to release my 5 months worth of wardrobe frustration.  Thanks for reading my blah-blah-blah :)



  1. Well at least ur problem is that ur too small to fit in ur clothes. Im having the opposite problem I gained 50 lbs while i was pregnant (thanks to being on bed rest & even though i ate really healthy :(...) So i'm currently trying to get back into my size 7 jeans. so be happy that ur tiny now. on a side note my work has a lot of stuff on sale and have some jeans for 10 - 20 dollars in case u are interested.

  2. Yeah, I'm with holub family above. Your better off being too skinny...After gaining 80lbs with the twins, I still have 40 lbs to loose!!! I'm living in workout pants and maternity jeans cuz I won't let myself buy anything till I'm back to normal.

    BTW, how do you run with such big boobs? ,I'm hoping mine will go away when I loose the weight.

  3. I have a ton of clothes I'm sending to goodwill,...but I think I'm too tiny. Which stinks cause I would totally give them to you. :(
    On the plus side, the ladies are right at least you CANT fit into anything cause it's too big.

  4. Girl... my boobs went to a size "F".... yes seriously. RIDICULOUS huh. Talk about floating!!

  5. Hey lady! You are a couple inches taller than me, but maybe I can go through my closet and help you out! And then when you get rich off of Jalyn's modeling (;-)) you can send me some clothes! HA!

  6. I have like 3 pairs of size 4 pants {almost brand new} that I can't wear because my hips are toooo big {thank you, childbirth...eff}, which means when I go to the US in april I'll send them to you!