Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi ya'll!
My-oh-my has the past 9 days been insane.  I'm doing my best to stay afloat in the Blog world, but I feel guilty.  I know I haven't been giving my readers 100% with my posts.. I've been a poopy Blogger.  I mean, really... who wants to see a ton of photos from my latest shoots? Isn't this Blog about The "J" Family? I know you guys miss the Bug, don't you?
This post shall change that :]

It so crazy to sit back and realize that the Bug-a-boo is growing.  I've come to the realization that all of a sudden "BAM!" she's acting older.  Crazy? Yes.  I know that she grows a little more daily, but something hit me.  She's no longer an infant.  My Bug is a Baby, and she's growing into a toddler.  EY! 

In 2 weeks, Jaelyn will be 8 months old.  Where has time gone?  I need to continue reminding myself to not get wrapped up in my budding of a business and devote 110% to my growing little baby.

Jeff and I are hearing more "Dada", "Uh-Oh", and she's getting started on "Baba".  She's now pulling herself up on EVERYTHING in reach, feeding herself puffs, and waving like a champ.

I love my little girl more than words can explain.  I know I've said that once, expect to hear it a thousand more times.  She's my all & all.

So here I am.  Workin' my booty off (with photography AND the Babes) and loving every second of it.  
When I get free moments, I'll stop in and throw you guys an update.
Wanna play something fun? Let's play the "what should I theme Jae's 8 month photo shoot" game! Toss out some ideas :] I'd love to have a taste of your creativity!


  1. I'm just so happy to hear that your photography business is taking off! That is something to be proud of;0 We bloggers can patiently wait for you so don't worry about us! Any tips for getting the business rolling? I'm in a new state and it has been tough to break through out here. Arg...Love the pictures of your sweetie. The time really does fly by doesn't it!

  2. She is beautiful. Absolutly precious! I think back to the days when my Girl was 8 months old, and tears fill my eyes! Cherish every moment as you have been, because before you know it, she will be 4 YEARS OLD!!!!

  3. cutie-PAtutie pics * such a doll! it's so scary how time flies!!! my eldest with be 7 next month & seems like yesterday she was in my tum dancing * * enjoy ;)