Monday, March 7, 2011


Want a taste of what my day looked like yesterday?
I call this Peace. Serenity.  Comfort.
Isn't she beautiful? She's in Sister-in-law.. and that's my Nephew Ryder in that cute little belly.  Due for arrival: April 4,2011.  WOO!

I know I've been SUPER lame with my posts lately.  I promise to get back on it as soon as my life slows a bit.  Plus, I MISS you guys!

I'll debut Jae tomorrow.  That's a promise with no fingers crossed.



  1. Jen, this shot is amazing...I have a baby shoot tomorrow and I'm totally stressing out about it. Any tips? I don't know what time of day it'll be yet, but I know it'll be inside. What do I do about backdrops? HELP!!!

  2. Due in April!? She looks amazing. Gorgeous shot!!!

  3. JEN!!! Your blog is absolutely beautiful and so are your pictures!! It seriously brings peace into my life!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!! I am your newest follower!

  4. love love love this shot. so gorgeous. and woo for the rainbow sandals! represent!