Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love tattoos.  I love knowing that I can have original art on my body that means something so personal.

I'm normally not one to share stories about my tattoos and why I have them, but I saw Lindsay's post over at Scenic Glory (who is also an amazing, inspirational photographer), and she got me thinkin'... why not?

Don't look too closely- it's in some major need of touch-up.
My Anchor was my first tattoo (obviously).  Kristin, who is like a Sister to me, got a matching anchor on her foot- well, I say matching because they're similar but different.  They're very unique to us and who we are.  We will always have a reminder to remain anchored in life and not drift to the negative.

Favorite and most cherished.  In loving memory of my Grandma, I got this tattoo on her 1 year anniversary of being passed away.  My Grandmother passed away at age 89.  She was my rock.  My love.  My happiness. No woman brought a smile to my face like she did.  She is my Angel...I'm sure if it.

Pax.  Means peace in Latin.  I have always been so impressed with the Latin language.  It has always sparked as an interest to me.  Why peace? Because I believe in it.  I believe that we should smile at someone just because.  Kind words are worth millions.  I struggle to ignore shortcomings and do my best to understand.  I see that genuine human compassion can make a difference.  This is my reminder to be the best I can be.

Next up:
This beauty.  Who is she? I call her Hope.

She's going on my forearm, facing me.  Coming off of her pointer finger, it will say "hope".  As some of you know, I had a rocky pregnancy.  I had lack of support, and some pretty bad depression.  I lived my life daily on pure hope, and with that hope that I held onto, I now see beauty.  She will face me to remind me of the struggles I once went through in life, and help me to remember that hope is a beautiful thing.
Coming SOON!



  1. I love this post!! I think you're amazing and I hope Jae is feeling better today after our quick goodbye last night booo :[

  2. Beautiful! I love tats too but my hubby is not so fond of the ones I already have.

  3. The picture of you holding Jae is so pretty...I'm not much of a tattoo person, but the one on your food is pretty cool.

  4. i love them all! i really like the "hope" girl, it is going to look gorgeous, and I cant wait to see it done

  5. I love your tattoos, they are all really beautiful. I love the one you have planned too!

  6. Oh how I LOVE your tattoos, your designs, your photos and your blog!! A girl after my own heart!

  7. your tattoos are absolutely beautiful!! thank you so much for sharing. maybe some time you will share your tattoo story on scenic glory?!? i'd love to have you :) just let me know if you're interested!! i just love tattoo stories!