Friday, March 18, 2011


Look who gets down on the Puffs!
Such a big girl!
Story behind this photo and why it's posted... I'm a weird Mom.  I have odd fears.  Kinda like the Pacifier fear (if I don't call it her nite-nite and be SUPER particular as to when she gets it, she will become one of those freaky addicted 4 year olds.  Note: Not bashing on your 4 year old (& no, they're not freaky) if he/she is hooked on his/her Paci.  It's just not for me :]).  I have this fear the cereal and puffs is a gateway to junk food.  Ya, weird.  It took me 2-3 weeks to make a solid decision on what brand to give her.  I'm confident in my choice (thank God).

She totally digs them.  & I dig that.

It's "G-Pa's" (my Dad) 50th Birthday weekend... so we will be out entertaining him :]
Have a beautiful, safe weekend!


  1. Ha ha I have weird fears, too. But I think puffs are OK. Bennett STILL loves them!

  2. Kids love those things- so cute!