Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tough day.

I promised a post today.  Without fingers crossed.  Let me tell you, friends... I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to promises.  I keep those bad boys!  This isn't quite what I had in mind, but it's a post, right?

Ohhh today.  You have been tough on my baby girl, therefore... I don't like you.
Is it okay if I touch on those words that followed "therefore"? I, of course, am grateful for every day that I wake up to.  I am so blessed to have an amazing healthy baby girl in my arms.
The following ramblings are based off frustrations of seeing my little tyke in pain.  I know it could be MUCH worse.

Let me give you taste of how my day started:
Yes.  I call that a grump.  Although this photo was taken yesterday, the grump-of-a-Jae followed through to today.
Do you guys remember the post with the allergy question in it? (find it here)  Well, Jeff and I found out at Jae's well-check that my Maternal instincts hit it right on.  My kid is an allergy monster, sneeze queen, eye goop yuckker, and snot master.  I'll just sum it up with these words...
it sucks.

Jae went from somewhat happy to grump in .5 seconds.  When I say grump... I mean... GRUMP.  Let me provide some photos to demonstrate:
(before I provide, I must say this... photos were taken as always during play time.  I lay on the floor with my baby girl about 50% of the day.  I knew I promised a post, so I wanted photos to follow.. I had no idea what was to come)
Figure A: Somewhat happy (we'll call this "brat")

Figure B: Grump.

I was doing all in my Mommy power to make the Bug happy.  Nothing was working.  About 15 minutes into the unknown fussing, crying, and even screaming, I smelt a nice, freshly brewed load.  So, as normal, I changed her.  With this changing, it all made sense.  Welts, hives, and an extreme rash COVERED her poor little behind, her privates, traveled up the mid section of her back, down the the creases of her knees.  The hives were so severe that they were oozing oils and sweat.  Some areas were so swollen, they formed so tightly it caused them to be white.
Then came the wheezing.  She was having an allergy attack.
Jae was loaded in my car, and rushed to the doctor.
I honestly don't have the energy to feed to my fingers to continue the story...  The attack stopped about 5 minutes after arrival.  A shot was administered, and an RX was given with strict instructions to follow.
To what?

We don't even have the slightest clue.
I have to keep a daily log of every food eaten, activity preformed, and if any new lotions were used.  We HAVE to get down to the bottom of this.
Have you ever had these issues with your little Babes? If so, how did you figure it out? Did you hold Epi-pen on you at all times (this is a tough question to ask, because I GUESS?? they're not allowed until a year old)? Info? Any advice? Please?!?

I allowed Jae to rock the bare booty for quite some time this evening.  I figured it would help with the remainder of hives left on her poor tush.

We had a good bath time tonight.  Baths always cheer the Bug back into shape.. and I'm sure she's not allergic to the bath time fun, so I let her have it.  For almost an hour.
Life is a blessing.  It's even more of a blessing with my rockstar of a daughter in my arms.  I cherish her life more than words can explain, and to see her in pain is gut wrenching.  I really hope we can get to the bottom of this.  It hurts my heart.  



  1. Poor poor baby :( I hope she feels better soon. Worst thing ever is to see your little one in pain or uncomfortable.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so sad! I hope her bottom heals up soon!

  3. aww poor thing!! I hope you find out soon what she is allergic too!

  4. O my goodness, well no wonder she was a grump!!! Would'nt we all?! Poor girl and I hope you find out soon what is wrong. I have never delt with allergies yet! Good Luck!

    LOVE the large photos :)

  5. Oh Jen! I'm so sorry you are dealing with this, you must be freaked out! That sounds just awful, it's the worst to see them in pain. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon!

  6. Jen this is SOOOO scary!!!! I would have been an absolute breakdown :[