Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As in busy.  Not as in "slow down, horsie!".
Whoa is really the only way to explain my life lately.  I've been happily swarmed with business, I'm now officially an Aunt (YAY!), my 8 month old is a Monster and nearly impossible to keep up with, and it's SPRING! which means my free time is spent outdoors.

This is where I randomly throw in a photo of my nephew, because I'm a proud Aunt and I talk about him ALL the time.

I owe my readers an apology.  Two nights ago I had trouble sleeping.  I felt guilty for not following through with my contest as promised.  So I might be a little committed to you guys.  I try my best to be as faithful as possible to my Blog, and my readers... but when busy time comes and I can barely slam on the brakes, I have to set one thing aside.  Totally not fair to you, but it was extremely needed.

Short Leg Lucy said...

Butterfly theme!!! Make her a butterfly headband and a cute skirt or tutu and butterfly wings and do it in the shade ...hahah idk...

Why? Because a good friend of mine purchased me butterfly wings about a month ago & they're the cutest things ever (coincidence? yes.).  I shall collect some more props, and get to a shoot.  Photos will be up soon.
^that means change of subject

My Bug is 8 months old.  HOLY MOOOOO-COW! All of a sudden I realized she's not an infant anymore.  My baby is a... baby.  She's forming quite the personality and I love it.
She is so full of life and love.  She's a Mama's girl and I wouldn't want it any different.  Her sleep schedule is improving (insert crowd applauding here), her vowels are blabbering out like crazy, and she's close to becoming a walking fool.
I never thought I could love this much.

This post is much longer than intended.  Have a good day, folks.  I've gotta shower myself and head to a shoot.  Peace.


  1. Awww what adorable babeh photos! xoxo

  2. Your nephew is such a cutie!! Congrats on becoming an aunt!

    It really is crazy how fast they grow though!!

    The Sweetest Life

  3. Ohhhhh I'm so stoked!!!! Hahaha, that made my day totally rad :D and Jae is sooo beautiful. Favorite pic? - her with your lense cap and the hat on...ahhhhhh her eyes!! oh and the dream land one of course! I'm in LOVE with that photo

  4. Oh my gosh I love that picture of her laying on her side with the sun flares. She is soooo cute!

  5. Oh, such gorgeous photos!! That second one of your daughter - what a priceless expression. So adorable! And the last one with the sun flare is just amazing. Makes me want to cozy up to her (in a non-weird/stranger sort-of way) and have a snooze too!