Monday, April 4, 2011

Jaelyn & the beach

Oh, hi!  We're going to share a Beach story with you.

For those of you who know me, I'm totally, madly in love with the ocean.  It's a little sick, actually.  
When I was 18 I packed up and moved to an island in order to educate myself, and little tykes about the ways of our Sea.  But I decided I needed to take a step back to reality and head to the mainland and get an education under my belt.

Anyways.  On to the title of my post.

We brought Jae to the beach with intent to put her toes in the sand for the first time.  I had hopes that she was going to LOVE it.  I mean, she's a baby, and babies like water... and she's my kid, right? 
I was wrong.  She wasn't the hugest fan.  

Okay... she wasn't a fan at all.  The sand scared the poor poo outta her, and the water was freezing.

This is me.  Bummed.  We need to do some serious talking, Jaelyn and I.  My daughter can't NOT like the beach.
Or maybe I should just realize that she's her own person and she'll dig what she digs?  Yes.  That's what needs to happen.

I'm sure she'll warm up to it eventually.  I hope.



  1. i am SUPER jealous... the beach is NO place to play in the water where i live... you need a sweatshirt most of the time... looks gorgeous.

  2. Her poor little face!!! She looks so sad. We haven't taken Lo to the beach, EVER! Northern California beaches are nothing like the ones in Southern California. I think we are going to spend a week in Malibu at grandma's house. Then we'll do the beach thing.

  3. oh my goodness how fun! I am in love with her swimsuit!!! thank you for voting by the way :D

  4. Aww poor baby! I'm sure she'll enjoy it when she gets a little older. I love her bathing suit, we wanted to get Alyson the same one haha! They didn't have her size though. I can't wait to take Alyson to the beach when it starts to warm up and she is a little older!

    The Sweetest Life

  5. Such cute pictures! I am sure she will warm up to it, no pun intended;-)