Monday, April 4, 2011

Put your party hats on!

Cuz we're havin' a Blog Party.

Hi! It's so nice to see you here!
You've wandered into the life of The "J" Family, and we're so excited to have you.
I started Blogging about this little family of three due to peer pressure.  A dear friend of mine, Jhen Stark (From Here to Eternity) told me if I didn't start Blogging , she was going to come to my house and give me an Indian Burn.  Who likes Indian Burns? I don't.  So I started up this bad boy, got addicted, and fell in love.  Thanks, Jhen.  Have you seen her Blog? You should.  She's amazing.  Oh, and like my design? Ya... she did it.  Totally talented.
(the indian burn part was a total fib)

I'm Jen, the Mama.  SAHM, part-time photographer, brand new Auntie, and a tad bit crazy.
Lover of the Sea, ex soccer player of 12 years, and a spoiler to my child.

Jeff is the Daddy.  He's the Man of the house.  Herpatologist, real estate agent, and part-time construction worker (AKA- he's BUSY!).

Jaelyn is the star of the Family.  She's 8 months old, and loved to the Moon and back.
She's an eater of all types of organic foods, a professional pooper and crawler, learner of walking, no fan to sleep, and she has more things to do than the President of the US.

It's so nice to meet you! If you joined the Blog party and would like to share with us, please leave the link in our comment section and I'll show some love.

Have a good day!



  1. super cute. i LOVE the bathtub and close up shot of your little princess.

  2. YAY for bloggy parties!!! I loved getting to you know your family even better. You're all so beautiful! :)

  3. You have such an incredibly ATTRACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL family!!!

  4. luv those little striped tights dangling from the swing ... I need to get my littlest some sweet headbands like in shot#5 * *

  5. Hi there! Your blog caught my eye on the UBP because your link was right above mine.. but glad I did b/c you have a cute blog and I"m glad your friend threatened an Indian Burn b/c clearly she knew you would be a fab blogger! Your kids are ADORABLE!!! 3... I'm about to announce on my blog later this week that we have #3 coming... eek.. is it hard!? Two seems okay, I mean most days I"m losin' my mind, but we're all still kickin'! I'm a new follower! Look forward to your posts!!

  6. Yay! Can't wait to meet you in August. :) Love the jumping photo!

  7. Love these photos - so was that first shot a jumping shot or levitation?

  8. The close up shot is adorable.

  9. Love your photos!!
    Nice to meet you -- dropping by via the UBP. :D

  10. Beautiful photos!! I enjoy taking photos of my kids too but I have a hard time getting the right lighting, etc with my Canon Rebel, which I love. I'd love photography tips. :-)
    Anyway, nice to "meet" you via the UBP11. I have a 3-1/2 yr old son and an 11-month old daughter.

  11. Love the picture of you in the air. Fabulous!

    And your little one is beautiful!

    Visiting from UBP and looking forward to reading more!

    Feel free to visit me at .

  12. I am stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party. I am your newest follower and I cannot wait to read more! Hope you have time to hop by and visit me! ~Erica

  13. What a gorgeous family! How did you do that first shot! It's great. And I LOVE the name Jaelyn!!!